Welcome to my aimless weblog! Full of my worthless opinions on various subjects. If you and I are lucky, some of the content here may be interesting and/or useful. What’s more likely is that these posts will be ramblings of a millenial boomer.

BASH Brace Expansion

Here’s a neat trick about the command line you might not know. You can use curly braces to generate multiple arguments for a command.
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My Free Software Story

A somewhat brief history of my computing experience. Including how I discovered Free Software and the FSF. And finally why I currently support the FSF and use only Free and Open Source software when possible.
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How to setup SSH access with your NameCheap Hosting

I got my hosting and domain as a bundle from NameCheap because, as the name implies, it was cheap. And easy. When you go with the cheapest option for hosting what you get is not your own private server. What’s nice about NameCheap is that they still give you SSH access. You can’t do the things you would normally do on a VPS like install software over SSH. But you can syncronize your site with handy tools lik rsync instead of uploading everything over FTP.
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