Hello! My name is Dennis. I’m a machinist, a neophyte programmer and I also cosplay as a Linux Sysadmin.

The Rough Picture

I was born into a family of Portuguese immigrants in 1986. We lived in Somerville back when it was still a working-class city. It was a great time and place to grow up. I graduated from a public school, complete with the typical brain maladies that accompanies such an education. I worked odd jobs for a few years until I stumbled into a career operating CNC machine tools. I was always fond of tinkering, making things, and computers. So it turns out working with CNC machines was the perfect career path for me. Something that, ironically, most of my teachers growing up would have told me to avoid. In 2015 I bought a house. In 2018 I got married and started a family and we now have two daughters. I’ve been interested in computers since my family first got one in 1996. I’ve known about GNU/Linux operating systems since around the year 2003 but it wasn’t until around 2015 that I started using the operating system daily on all my computers. That’s also when I became interested in privacy, software freedom, and learning to create software of my own. Computing has now become my main hobby.

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